Self Employment

        As an economic survey made it clear that in future, jobs for the masses in India will come mostly from the manufacturing and service sectors and hence only a better-skilled workforce can improve global competitiveness. In India, only 5% of the labour force has got vocational training when compared to industrialized nations (60-80%). 
        An altered pattern of employment, declining the role of the public sector as a job provider, a bigger role is played by the private sector, which looks for a wide skills spectrum. The nature of sustained academic programmes that are offered by the higher educational institutional should address the holistic needs of the society and not shaped by the momentary market pressures. Hence, the college offers the following 29 Self-Employment Programmes to learners, so that they may become job creators rather then job seekers.

Mathematics for Competitive Exams
Television Mechanism
Electrical Wiring and Home Appliance Servicing
Digital Photography
Mini Analytical Lab and Firework
Manufacturing of Matches
Mushroom Culture
Food Preservation
Clinical Biochemistry
Web Technology
Multimedia Technology
Multimedia Application
Financial Accounting with Tally
Office Documentation and Report Writing
Micro, small and medium enterprise development
Advertising Agency
Microbial Production Technology
Quality Control for food and industrial products
Exercise Therapy
Desk Top Publishing
Business Process Outsourcing
Pharmaceutical Marketing

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