1. Every student is under an obligation to obey the rules and regulations of the college, to respect and uphold its discipline.

2. Every student shall endeavor to conduct himself/herself in the class room, hostel, canteen, non-residential student centre, library and elsewhere in such a manner as to cause no disturbance to the work of the classes or to his fellow-students and others.

3. Students should come to the classes during and other activities of the college well in time. Students should come to the college decently dressed.

4. Students who may have no class to attend during a particular period are expected to be in the reading room. They are not permitted to loiter in the veranda.

5. No student shall take part in any activity or any public movement in which the college authorities think it undesirable. Students should abstain from participation in party, communal and religious politics.  

6. No meeting, function or gathering of any kind shall be held within the college campus without the permission of the Principal.

7. No student shall smoke anywhere inside the college campus, Students who are found using drugs or in a drunken stage or under the influence of drugs will be summarily dismissed from the college.

8. Eve-teasing and ragging are strictly prohibited. Students found guilty of these crimes will be dismissed from the college as per UGC norms. 

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9. Every student shall handle the college property with care. Damage caused to college properly will be charged to the accounts of the students concerned. If the students responsible for the damages could not be identified, the damage caused will be charged to the accounts of all the students.

10. Writing or scribbling on the wall, floors, or any part of the college buildings and on the furniture is strictly prohibited. Student should not litter papers or spill ink on the floors.

11. Students should park their vehicles only in the space meant for that purpose.

12. In regard to all matters not specified in the foregoing rule, students shall aim at conducting themselves with dignity, decorum and in accordance with generally accepted canons of good behavior.

13. As per the provision of Tamil Nadu Educational Rules, the Principal shall have full powers to inflict punishments, such as, imposition of fines, loss of attendance, loss of term certificate, suspension and expulsion.  

14. Only those students who earn their term certificates for a particular semester will be permitted to appear for the Terminal Examination of the semester. To earn their term certificate, a student must have put in 75% attendance, the term certificate shall not be granted unless the student has completed the course of instruction to the satisfaction of the authorities of the college and his/her progress and conduct have been satisfactory.  

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