College Associations


  • To develop the art of public speaking.
  • To promote the rhetorical skill and style.
  • To make Acquaintance with great scholars.
  • To get an inspiration for attaining excellence.


  • Lectures – ordinary, extra-ordinary and interdisciplinary by students, faculty members, alumni and guest speakers.
  • Debates and discussions.
  • Quizzes-oral, audio and video.

No. of association

P.hD  1

UG Associations

NoAssociation Name
1தமிழ் மன்றம்
2The English Literary and Debating association
3Hindi Association
4Mathematics Association
5Physics Association
6Chemistry Association
7Botany Association
8Zoology Association
9MICROS – U.G. Computer Science Association
10CYBERONS – U.G.(CS. & IT and CA.) Association
11OLYMPIA – Physical Education, Health Education and Sports Association
12Microbions – U.G. Microbiology Association
13BIOBLOOM – U.G. Biotechnology Association
14GENOME – U.G Genetics Association
15Economics Association
16Commerce Association
17Com. Tech – B.Com. (Comp Application) Association
18Com. Plus – B.Com (E.Commerce) Association
19Business Administration Association
20Focus Forum UG. Visual Communication Association
21Nanotier UG. Comp Science Association
22Corporate Consortium

PG Associations

NoAssociation Name
1Study Circle – P.G Maths Association
2SPECTRUM – P.G. Physics Association
3CHEMICAL SOCIETY – P.G. Chemistry Association
4PLANTA – P.G. Botany Association
5GENE – P.G. Zoology Association
6I.T.COM – P.G. Comp. Sci & Inf. Tech Association
7SOFTECH – P.G – Computer Applications Association
8PROKARYOS – P.G. Microbiology Association
9BIOTOL – P.G. Biotechnology Association
10COMMERCE NOOK – P.G. Commerce Association
11OIKONOMIA – P.G. Economics Association
12P.G. Soft Com – P.G. Commerce (CA) Association
13முதுகலை தமிழ் மன்றம்
14Phoenix – English Literary Association

P.hD Association

NoAssociation Name
1தமிழாய்வு மைய ஆய்வரங்கம்

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