Media Club

  • Provides interaction with experts from various media like Print, Electronic & New Media, Organizing workshops and competitions to enhance the creativity of the students.

 Humor Club

  • Motivates the students to foster their sense of humor and brings out the latent abilities to limelight.

Horticulture Club

  • Aims at maintaining ornamental garden and tapiory (sculpturing the plants) and also beautifying the college for camps.

Nature Club

  • Motivates the youth to love Mother Nature; creates an awareness on ecocide and promotes the tendency for conservation of biodiversity.
  • Students are encouraged to grow trees in their surrounding environment and certificates are also issued to the successful tree growers.

Population Education club

  • Organizes debates, symposiums and group discussions; population awareness campaign to achieve a social goal and conducts essay and elocution competitions.

Consumer Club

  • Educates the students about the rights of the consumers and mobilizes them by installing in them the spirit of consumer rights.

Red Ribbon Club


  • To create AIDS awareness among the students.
  • To train the students to propagate the AIDS awareness among the public.
  • To create awareness on Blood Donation among the students.


  • Arranging lectures on AIDS Awareness.
  • Conducting AIDS Awareness Programmes in rural areas.
  • Organizing Blood Donation camps.

Legal Literacy Club


  • To spread legal awareness among the students and public.
  • To make the disadvantaged persons accessible to justice.


  • Make use of the student potential and spirit to spread legal awareness.
  • Encourages students to empathize.
  • Identifies the problems of their fellow citizens in their neighborhood.
  • Provides the needy and disadvantaged persons access to justice.

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