Media Club

  • Provides interaction with experts from various media like Print, Electronic & New Media, Organizing workshops and competitions to enhance the creativity of the students.

 Humor Club

  • Motivates the students to foster their sense of humor and brings out the latent abilities to limelight.

Horticulture Club

  • Aims at maintaining ornamental garden and tapiory (sculpturing the plants) and also beautifying the college for camps.

Nature Club

  • Motivates the youth to love Mother Nature; creates an awareness on ecocide and promotes the tendency for conservation of biodiversity.
  • Students are encouraged to grow trees in their surrounding environment and certificates are also issued to the successful tree growers.

Population Education club

  • Organizes debates, symposiums and group discussions; population awareness campaign to achieve a social goal and conducts essay and elocution competitions.

Consumer Club

  • Educates the students about the rights of the consumers and mobilizes them by installing in them the spirit of consumer rights.

Red Ribbon Club


  • To create AIDS awareness among the students.
  • To train the students to propagate the AIDS awareness among the public.
  • To create awareness on Blood Donation among the students.


  • Arranging lectures on AIDS Awareness.
  • Conducting AIDS Awareness Programmes in rural areas.
  • Organizing Blood Donation camps.

Legal Literacy Club


  • To spread legal awareness among the students and public.
  • To make the disadvantaged persons accessible to justice.


  • Make use of the student potential and spirit to spread legal awareness.
  • Encourages students to empathize.
  • Identifies the problems of their fellow citizens in their neighborhood.
  • Provides the needy and disadvantaged persons access to justice.



Patron & President   : Dr. C. ASHOK                                      

Vice President            : Dr. P. Samuel

Secretary                     : Mr. S. Ragulraja (III –B.Sc, Biotechnology)             

Joint Secretaries         : Mr. K. Kishore (III –B.Sc, Biotechnology)

                                             Mr. M. Lakshmanan (III –B.Sc, Biotechnology)

ANJAC gives equal weightage to both the development of student community as well as grooming the health and wealth of the society. Apart from serving humanity, ANJAC also takes special care of biological entities (Plants, Animals and Birds) which constitute our ecosystem. Even though we are all well aware of the present status of flora and fauna, our awareness level and knowledge towards the conservation of birds and animals are quite less. Birds are highly indispensable to our society as they play various roles as follows.


  1. They help our farmers in pest control
  2. They contribute to afforestation
  3. They slow down the spread of diseases
  4. They keep the environment clean and green

It is estimated that, there are around 1,200 species ofbirds facing the threat of extinction within the next century. With the primary objective of conserving the flora and fauna, our multifaceted Principal Dr. C. Ashok initiated an innovative BIrds – PLants ANimals care and conservation (BI-PLAN) Club in our campus on May 2019. Students were actively involved in transforming the plans into action, i.e providing feed and water troughs for birds and animals.


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