1. A student, past or present, desiring to obtain a certificate (transfer, bonafide, conduct etc.,) shall apply for it in the prescribed form available in the college office.

2. The charge for obtaining certificate extracts for any of the college records shall be Rs.10/- plus a search fee at the rate of Rs.20/- per year.

3. Certificate will not be issued ordinarily on less than 48 hours notice.

4. If a transfer certificate issued by this college is lost, a fee of Rs.100/- is levied for obtaining a duplicate. For any other certificate issued by this college, the fee shall be Rs.50/- for obtaining a duplicate.

5. For verification of any certificate Rs.10/- will be charged.

6. Application for certificate should be addressed to the Principal.

7. No certificate will be sent by post (except T.C. & C.C.) unless the necessary fee and stamped self addressed cover are sent together with the application.

Change of Residence

  • Change of residence of student/parent/guardian, if any, shall be reported to the office at the earliest.

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