• To enhance the quality of Higher education for the betterment of society and Nation
  • To improve the quality of teaching learning process and  pursue research
  • To share the learners to meet the global challenges.


  1. Preparation and online Submission of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to the NAAC every year by September 30
  2. Conduct of department wise academic audit for the previous academic year by inviting external academic auditors
  3. Eliciting the Action Taken Report (ATR) from the departments for the External Academic Audit report conducted for the previous academic year
  4. Conducting green audit using the indigenously designed questionnaire
  5. Conducting gender audit using the indigenously designed questionnaire
  6. Conducting NAAC sponsored National Seminars once in two years
  7. Conducting Staff Development Programmes periodically on different facets of higher education
  8. Conducting Staff Development Programmes for the newly recruited teaching staff on the NAAC assessment
  9. Conducting Staff Development Programmes for non teaching staff/ administrative staff on various aspects of governance / e-governance
  10.  Conducting Sensitization Programmes for Research Scholars on plagiarism
  11.  Conducting Staff Development Programmes for the hostel deputy wardens and sub wardens for the administration of hostel
  12.  Conducting Staff Development Programmes for the hostel workers on the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene
  13. Deputing Co-ordinator, IQAC / Faculty members to attend NAAC Sponsored National/ Regional seminars/ workshops


  1. Dr. V. Pandiyarajan                                        – Principal and Chairman
  2. Dr. R. Manohar                                               Co-ordinator
  3. Dr. N. Senthilkumar                                      – Assistant Co-ordinator
  4. Dr. (Mrs.) J. Jebakumari Beulah Vasanthi      – Assistant Co-ordinator
  5. Dr. M.K. Rajan                                             – Member
  6. Dr. L. Isaiarasu                                              – Member
  7. Dr. M. Meenakshisundaram                           – Member
  8. Mrs. P. Tamizchelvi                                        – Member
  9. Mr. R. Jeganathan                                          – Member
  10. Dr. C. Parameswaran                                     – Member
  11. Dr. T. Sugumaran                                           – Member            
  12. Dr. M. Moovendhan                                      – Member
  13. Mrs. B. Rathika                                             – Member
  14. Mr. M. Asokan                                             – Representative – Industry
  15. Mr. A.R.Bhaskaran                                       – Representative – Community