Eco Park

  • This was perhaps the mega project launched on the eastern side of the main building in a barren land during my tenure as Principal. The idea of setting up the Eco Park came out of institution in my mind triggered by the invisible command of our Founders of the institution.  Initially we planned to plant 500 plants.  But Dr. V. Ganesan, H.O.D of Botany Department insisted me that we should go for planting 1000 trees.  The proposal was submitted to our correspondent which got approved.
  • Mr. G. Athipathy advised me that forest trees be planted instead of conventional trees.  Prof. K. Muthuchelian, who was then Professor of Energy Department of Madurai Kamaraj University, was kind enough in supplying about 400 grown up trees free of cost.  Dr V. Ganesan, Head of the P.G. Department of Botany, Dr V. Pandiarajan and Dr K. Sankara Sivaraman took great efforts in collecting the young trees from different places. 
  • Dr A. Johnson, Head of the P.H.S Department and Mr. P. Ganesan, Physical Director lent great service in preparing the lay out keeping the tree architecture in mind for planting the trees.  I have to acknowledge at this juncture the enormous labour put forth by the students of P.H.S Department in digging 1000 pits manually during hot summer. Shri. A. Grahadurai President of the Management Committee, Shri. A. Vairaprakasam, Secretary of the Management Committee, our Correspondent Mr. V. Ayyan kodiswaran and his wife   Mrs. A. Niranjana Kodiswaran, Mr. G. Athipathy and his wife Mrs. A. Ahila Athipathy, Prof. Raju, N.S.S. Coordinator, Prof. Kailash Paliwal, School of Biological Sciences and  Prof. K. Muthuchelian, School of Energy, Madurai Kamaraj University participated in the tree planting ceremony and planted trees. 
  • It was with an intention of providing green environment and oxygen-rich air inside the campus and facilitating the rain-bearing clouds to pour out rains when they cross our campus, the project was chosen.  The N.S.S. Units of our college took charge of rearing up the trees.  ‘ANJAC ECO PARK’ is the pride of my work in our college and a green jewel in the crown of ANJAC. Shri. A. Grahadurai President of College Management Committee inaugurated ANJAC ECO PARK on 15.10.2001. 
  • Anjac Eco Park provides a serene atmosphere to the campus.  Daily I used to walk across the Eco Park and spend nearly an hour in the evening which served as anti-drudgery vaccine from the monotonous work.  It was heartening to note that our college received ‘Environmental Award’ from the Tamil Nadu State Government for the year 2001 - 2002.    
  • Subsequently a small Herbal Garden was also set up on a small plot of land with some medicinal plants with an intention that it would grow further.  But it did not grow to the desired extent.  Earlier when I was Deputy Warden of Vairam and Bose Halls I created a coconut grove using the water coming out of the bathrooms on the eastern side of Vairam Hall which fetched income to the hostel.