Academic Research

  • The quality and quantum of scientific research in India have been declining over the years.
  • Research is civilization and determines the economic, social and political development of a nation” – C.V.Raman.
  • Hence, in ANJAC, quality measures are taken to promote research among the staff and students. Research has become an integral part of PG curriculum in the campus of ANJAC. All the faculty members are constantly motivated to participate in active research. A Research Cell has been constituted with the objective of facilitating and monitoring the research activities in the College.
  • Seven Departments are recognized as research centres. Twenty staff members have been recognized as research guides by the Madurai Kamaraj University and they are guiding the Ph.D. scholars.
  • Ten departments are offering M.Phil. Programme and the faculties in these departments are supervising the dissertation works of their M.Phil. Scholars. All the faculty members in PG departments are guiding the final year PG learners for their projects. The research is promoted by involving both the staff and learners in active research in the college by providing adequate infrastructure facilities and monetary incentives.
  • The Management also sanctions incentives for the staff who publish papers. During the academic year 2010-11 a sum of Rs.1,11,600/-was distributed to the staff during the College Day and Founders Day. Details of Incentives is given in Vide Annexure – III. 
  • To monitor the research activities, the Academic Affairs and Research Cell (AARC) was established. The cell consisting of nine members including a Coordinator and an Assistant Coordinator met periodically and assessed the research activities / programmes carried out by the members of staff of the college.
  • The AARC motivates staff members to apply for various funding agencies for organising Seminar / Conference and Major / Minor Research Projects. It also encourages the students to apply for TNSCST Student Projects.